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From Russia to Your Door


Pobeda Motors' A to Import Process


Choose a make and model that you would like imported (See our Catalog page)

Contact us with the vehicle details. We understand that buying a car is a lot of money. Thats why we'd like to meet with you or connect via phone or skype to better understand your vehicle needs 


Our team begins the search (So we know your intentions are serious, a non-refundable deposit equaling 10% of price we have quoted you is required)


When we find vehicles that we believe match the description you've provided we'll send you detailed pictures and videos so you could pick the exact car you'd like imported


When you've made up your mind on a specific vehicle our logistics team begins the importation process (Before we import, we ask that the remainder of the payment is sent to us)


The vehicle is delivered to your doorstep in approximately 30-45 days after full payment 


Eager to know more? Visit our FAQ or contact us below!

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